Why we are

Integro has been working with corporate customers for more than 10 years. We have executed over 100 software projects for our customers that amount to more than 500.000 man-hours. Our key difference is that we can produce the product of desired quality level. Many of our customers are software companies, pure and simple, that produce off-the-shelf product with millions of copies. Even software companies with software creation being their primary business choose us as outsourcing partners to work with.

Application support & migration

With the fast changing business scenario, companies all over the world face challenges that require them to keep their applications and legacy systems updated with the latest technology. Application Migration assumes fast and efficient moving of applications to modern platforms with up-to-date architecture and design and at the same time retailing its original goals.

Custom application development

Success in the IT industry highly depends on the accurate synergy of technical applications with innovative ideas and strategic techniques. Customization and development of software to expand your creative potential and effectiveness is the need of the hour. With Integro services you get tailor made software to suit your business objectives.