Java Development
Integro is a recognized expert in Java development. Our Java team has extensive experience in developing various kinds of applications, including three-tier enterprise applications that apply Web-based and/or rich user interface. Rich client applications can use Java Web Start or Java Applet technologies for deployment. Although three-tier architecture is currently the most commonly used application, the team also has experience in building and deploying two-tier architecture applications. If a customer wants the mobile solution developed through J2ME, Integro has the vast expertise in that.
Integro develops enterprise and Web applications using different application servers and Web containers, with JBoss and Tomcat among the most frequently used.
Integro professionals work with various middleware technologies that demand different approaches. They have experience working with lightweight combinations, such as Spring and Tomcat, as well as industry standards, such as EJB deployed to JBoss and custom-made frameworks.
Presentation Layer
All Java Web applications developed by Integro are based on cutting edge technologies, such as JSF, Spring MVC, Struts2, AJAX and GWT. Their use helps to avoid excessive reliance on Java code in Web pages and to separate business logic from presentation level. The most recently implemented projects have been using AJAX extensively, as well as third-party components with AJAX support (IceFaces, GWT) and custom developed JavaScript components optimized for cross-browser work.
Integro also integrates applications with Java-powered back-ends and non-Java-powered front-ends.
Rich Client (Desktop) Applications
Although Web-based clients are most often used in modern enterprise applications, there are a lot of applications designed to be “rich” utilizing UI features that HTML-based Web clients do not support. The Integro team can develop such desktop applications, based, for example, on Swing Framework or Eclipse Rich Client platforms.
Databases and Data Access
Most complex applications use databases. Integro has worked with different DBMSs, from MySQL and PostgreSQL to Oracle and MS SQL, and developed special APIs for common operations (such as page output, inserting and updating records) that took database special features and types into account, optimizing them accordingly. Integro has strong experience in building data warehouse and database clustering based on open source solutions. The Integro team can utilize ORM technologies or pure JDBC depending on customer’s needs.
Integro works with a wide range of reporting tools, including JasperSoft, BIRT and Crystal Reports, and has experience in creating custom reports using XML-FO and iText.

Integro is an expert in XML, XSL and XSLT. A good example of utilizing XML and XSL is the production of PDF-formatted reports using the XSL-FO open standard and its Open Source adaptation Apache FOP (http://xml.apache.org/fop/).

Brand Technology Stack Expertise
During the project architecture planning phase Integro architects aim to use the full framework stack supplied by a vendor, such as a JBoss stack (Hibernate-Seam-jBPM-RichFaces) that makes a framework fit most project requirements.

Technical Capabilities

  • Middleware technologies
  • Application Servers
  • Business Rules and Business Process Management
  • Presentation Layer
  • Desktop Applications
  • Unit Testing
  • Data access
  • Reporting
  • Distributed Applications
  • Advanced Technologies