Integro has been providing services to several global product companies and has made their clients take ownership of many products. The majority of the developed products fall into one of the following categories:

  • Multi-tier e-commerce solutions
  • Internet/Intranet portals and dashboards

We provide our services both in Russia, Ukraine and internationally (to our clients in the United States, Japan and European Union). Listed below is a brief profile of a few Integro major development efforts:

Sales full automation

  • The set of eCommerce applications includes: order entry, payment processor, invoice creation, storage management reports, consultant management and work with customers.
  • Full technical support of legacy and new corporate software.
  • Support of corporate Web sites.

Project Management Performance Portal

  • Portal solution to estimate project efficiency, risks and their impact on the project. Indicates projects bottle necks, critical areas and cost indicators.


  • Web applications for project management assessment and efficiency assessment of company projects.


  • Set of external modules providing control over majority of Internet Messaging Services like ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber and some P2P protocols

Service Desk

  • Portals for company internal Service Desk


  • Desktop applications for virus analysts.



  • Internet crawler for multithreading search, downloading and scanning of files from major file storage web sites for further virus detection.


  • Desktop applications for downloading updates for the company product line. 6 languages, 20 operating system support.

Call Center Dashboard

  • Web applications for assessment call centers efficiency, data analysis.


  • Wap portals for live content conversion between major cellular providers in Japan.

iPad CRM Client

  • Company CRM client applications for iPad.

Creator / Viewer

  • Desktop applications for creation of custom format multimedia presentations.


  • Desktop applications for viewing custom format presentations.

Multimedia presentation CD

  • Multimedia presentations for Hotel network, with professional video, voice commentary and panoramic pictures.

Document management system

  • Document management system automation based on Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Web Application based on DotNetNuke CMS

  • Web sites that serve as knowledge base for enterprises.