Smartphone has revolutionized the mobile phone industry by offering wide range of solutions from entertainment (on-demand video steaming) to integration of utility mobile solutions into enterprise systems. Smartphone offers features you need to manage myriad of details in your life whether they include scheduling business meetings, tracking your family schedule, reading e-mails or maintaining convenient access to essential data - proposals, schedules, contact information, business news or stock market.

We Offer
Integro develops custom mobile solutions that address meet all specific requirements of your business by thoroughly understanding of your needs. Key Benefits:

  • Rich custom design and in-house development
  • Media Content Management (Audio/ Video/ Images)
  • Integration with innovative mobile services
  • Scheduling/ Booking services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Seamless integration
  • Mobile payments
  • Best practices for delivering video and audio to Smartphone app
  • Exclusive Smartphone user experience design
  • Access to enterprise wide application through a lightweight web service call

Platforms Covered

We have exclusive experience of in developing smart phone applications on various platforms and with different skill sets.


Integro has been developing iPhone Applications that are being used by wide range of consumers ranging from Enterprise users to mass consumers. The Apple iPhone became world famous for its innovative improvements related to performance, video capability, response time and processing capability.
iPhone SDK has been used for iPhone application development. Xcode through Objective ′C′ language forms development environment for iPhone SDK. The Cocoa API development is used for interface and events control. iPhone SDK has strong support of media related development through OpenAL and other tools.


Android Application is a software stack for mobile devices that consists of operating system, middleware and key applications. Android is a Linux platform programmed with Google developed Java libraries and enhanced with its own security mechanisms. Android development is aimed at bringing innovation and openness to mobile phone applications.
Android framework can be configured in Eclipse IDE. Java is used as development platform. Android platform has very flexible support for location based services, web based applications etc.


Blackberry has revolutionized thedevelopment of utility based applications in the Smartphone web sphere. The major feature of the Blackberry platform is Real time Live Push alerts & its browser based rich Internet architecture. Blackberry provides plug-in for java as well as MS Visual Studio development. Blackberry development is also possible on J2ME platform.


J2ME is a widely used mobile application development platform supported by major phone manufacturers. Main benefits of the J2ME platform are rich user interface and security capabilities.
IDE, like Eclipse and NetBeans, make J2ME development easy to integrate with powerful Java programming language. J2ME standard extensions, J2ME web services, Push Registry and use of different emulators make development easy.